Shooters, Collectors, Historians and those enthusiastic about the unusual will love this ammunition. Produced as training ammunition for a major US Federal law enforcement agency, the unique purple brass shellcasing provides immediate visual reference for range officers.

purple ammo 9mm

The brass casing on this ammo features a special treatment rendering it purple. Completely reloadable and function exactly as standard brass casings. Designed for target shooting or plinking at the range, the ammunition features a non-expanding bullet and is non-corrosive. Technical Information. Ballistics Information.

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Review Subject Required. Comments Required.Every facet of Terminal Ascent has been carefully engineered to extend range, improve accuracy and enhance terminal performance. Whatever you hunt, however you shoot, Federal has you covered with the best ammunition options in every category.

Let your lever-gun run like never before with ammunition specifically built for it. Proven performance.

purple ammo 9mm

These are the days you live for. Whatever pursuit drives you, make this Federal Season your best. Exhibition shooting helped bring these brothers together and send them down a path all their own. Get the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save data for an unlimited number of others.

Daily Gun Deals: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol $124.99 after Mail In Rebate

See What It Does. Powering Your Pursuit Whatever you hunt, however you shoot, Federal has you covered with the best ammunition options in every category. Shop Rifle. Shop Handgun. Shop Shotshell. Shop Rimfire. Terminal Ascent The best all-range hunting bullet ever made.

Shop Now Learn More. FireStick Turn muzzleloading technology degrees. Product Details Learn More. Shop Now. HammerDown Let your lever-gun run like never before with ammunition specifically built for it.

Heavy Clothing Torture Test Proven performance. It's Federal Season These are the days you live for. Ballistics Calculator Get the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save data for an unlimited number of others.As a matter of fact the two pistols are almost identical with the biggest difference being that the G2C was designed without an internal locking mechanism.

It comes with two 12 round magazines, a trigger safety, and a manual safety. If you are looking for an economical concealed carry pistol the Taurus G2c 9mm, may be the way to go. The G2C is available in multiple colors, and also available with a stainless steel slide and different color frames. Taurus G2C 9mm 12rd magazines are here. This is a serialized firearm, and must be shipped to an FFL dealer.

Email: ffl dkfirearms. Back to all Taurus Firearms. Mark Wagner — August 26, Sharon tupper — September 13, This was the very first firearm I ever purchased. At the time it was the budget friendly choice and I went on to do my first firearms training course with it. William Rozier — September 14, A great choice for a budget edc. It is mine. Tyler Burns — November 26, All brands have complete heaps and they all have their shining stars. Jordan Doane — December 12, Brent Edds — December 18, This is one of the best budget firearms out there.

The price is hard to beat and you are not just getting a cheap gun. Its reliable whether its for home defense or personal carry.

purple ammo 9mm

The grip is comfortable its easy to strip and clean. The sights could use a little bit of work and some people are not to fond of the trigger. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good gun on a budget. Especially for carry. Brian Blackwell — December 23, Great ibw cc weapon, i have never had a failure of any type with this weapon.

Very good accuracy. Ryan lowden — December 26, I just bought the Taurus g2c and I have to tell you so far it seems like a great gun. I know mine feels great In the hand. If I were you I would consider the g2c. I bought mine from my FFL. Dk firearms seems to have good prices.Say hello to the "Boca Blues" Glock 19 Gen5 9mm.

The Boca Blues family offers an array of blues with Hibiscus and Plumeria blooms. No two of these are exact the same! This Glock 19C Gen4 is a compensated model, ported for less recoil! It has been coated in White with Tiffany Accents! This Glock 43 from out Diamond Collection had a few custom add ons, including this matching Yeti Tumbler!

This custom ordered Glock 43 has been done in a Champaign Gold with tan accents! Custom order your one of a kind firearm at www. Pick one up at www. This Glock 43 in Tiffany and Stainless Received some more upgrades with Stainless Steel controls, and Tiffany striping on the top of the slide and cocking serrations!

A new design for this pistol for Walther and a new addition to the www. Take this gun, and some bright light, and wait for the Sparkle! The Glock 42 in Lilac and Stainless Steel is a sharp new look to add to your choices at www. Silly boys!

Guns for the ladies! Pink, Purple, Diamond Blue, and much more!

ARs are for girls!! This Glock 43 in passion purple is ready to order. Contact us at www. Here is a new addition to our Tiffany Collection a Glock 19 Gen 4 in high polish. Order yours today at www. A little bit of girly This Battleworn Hot Pink Glock 42 means business!USA — - Ammoland. You can price check this deal on the same product here. From the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy receiver to the durable Zytel polymer frame, the CPX-2 designed to be the ideal carry gun with no sacrifice on strength or power.

Ergonomic finger grooves and recoil cushion ensure comfortable extended range sessions, meaning you'll be ready and accurate in case you ever have to draw under pressure. With a variety of color variations and an exceptionally lightweight design, the SCCY CPX-2 is a perfect carry firearm for novice and expert shooters alike.

The excess has been cut away so that we can offer these great handguns at a low-cost price. Each new in box pistol will be shipped with 1 magazine in a plain box so that you are spending your money on steel instead of ink. Daily Gun Deals are short-term bargains that will often expire or sell out fast!

The AmmoLand News Team publishes these deals that are available from our trusted partners and well-known industry retailers. AmmoLand does not stock inventory or have a shopping cart, we simply bring you up-to-date information on deals as a way to help you the reader get the most bang for your buck.

As always we try and bring you the best information possible but these are fast-moving deals and details change quickly so be sure and check prices and product information for yourself by following the above links. Ammoland Editors are scouring the web to find you the deal that will save you money. So good are these deals that they do not last long so pay attention to the publish date and do not delay, take advantage of this deal as soon as we publish it for our readers.

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PC Bullets are cleaner. Your finished round will be cleaner. Your hands stay clean, your gun stays clean. PC Bullets are more accurate. Our competitive shooters tell us that a group that was the size of a quarter is now the size of a dime. That's what Master Class shooting is all about. PC Bullets are cheaper than plated or jacketed ammunition, and are still accepted at the range because the alloy is wholly encapsulated - there is no exposed lead.

The link below will take you right to our Class Registration page. You'll have 2 hours with our Master Reloader in a small setting with plenty of time for hands-on and questions.

PC Ammo is a polymer coated - no copper jacket. So there's no lead fouling in the bore and the splash-back on steel targets is minimized. PC Ammo is more accurate. PC Ammo is cheaper than plated or jacketed ammunition, and is still accepted at the range because the alloy is wholly encapsulated - there is no exposed lead.

Skip to content. And PC Bullets are purple. Interested in Reloading but don't know where to start? While you're on our store website, check out all the other classes and products available. Be sure to stop in and see us too, the Customer Service from our guys is second to none. Why buy PC Ammo?

purple ammo 9mm

PC Ammo is cleaner. PC Ammo is coated, there is no metal contact with the bore, thus no lead fouling. And PC Ammo is purple.

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